No matter what the style of your home, made-to-measure windows Shutters produce a sensational visual appeal that’s perfect for any property. They are functional and practical too, they are robust, durable and provide fantastic management of light. Shutters also afford you the utmost levels of privacy for your home and family.

Hillarys shutters sussex are constructed in-house by specilist craftsmen and are made to order from the highest quality materials and components. Hillarys window shutters come in a range of natural wood stains and neutral painted shades to suit the decoration and style of your home.

When you close your Shutters completely you will discover that in addition to the high levels of privacy and security they offer, they also help to illimiate noise from outside and establish a comfortable and safe haven inside your home.

The positioning of the shutter louvres may be changed for increased flexibility allowing you to vary the amounts of light that enter the room. If you decide to go for tier-on-tier type window shutters you are able to open the upper set while for privacy, you can keep the bottom set closed. Alternatively you can just open your Shutters altogether should you desire – they will look incredible when they are folded back against the wall.

Hillarys stunning Shutters are very flexible and allow you to produce a wide range of unique and distinctive appearances for your window stylings.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters
Full Height Shutters
Cafe Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters – 2 Tier Shutters
Combine two sets of Shutters in a single frame – the first set covers the bottom half of the window, and the second set covers the top half. This allows for increased light and privacy management. The top and bottom sets can be operated totally independently of each other, allowing you to keep the bottom set shut for privacy while the top set can be flung wide open so you can enjoy the view through your windows and let the light freely enter the room.

Full height Shutters
Full height shutters give an uncomplicated but spectacular aesthetic result. For real impact select full height Shutters that cover the whole window from top to bottom.

Café Shutters
Café style Shutters convey a continental appearance and feel to your home. Café Shutters are affixed to the lower part of the window, this allows the light to enter the room while simultaneously retaining your privacy.

Tracked Shutters
Produce a spectacular impressive appearance using Hillarys foldable tracked shutter solutions. Tracked Shutters are perfect used as room dividers or can be used to accommodate and stylize large window and door openings.

Motorised Shutters
Shutter motorisation can be discreetly added to your installation allowing you to transform the ambiance and mood of your room by simply touching a button on the provided remote control, allowing for automatic opening, closing or re-angling the louvres without leaving the comfort of your seat.

The premium quality materials and components used in the production of Hillarys Shutters ensures maximum durability and strength. Because Hillarys manufacture their shutter product in-house they can insure that only high quality traditional techniques and methods are employed by their skilled shutter craftsmen. For example high quality mortise and tenon joints are used in the frabrication and assembly the finished shutter product. Warping is prevented by a lamination process which Hillary use to construct an engineered stile. The result is a highly stable side section for your Shutters which you can rest assured, will last the test of time. All Hillarys Shutters have resilient UV-resistant coatings to avoid sun fading.

There are Shutter options for bay and sash windows and wider openings like patio or French doors. The frames of your Shutters can be built to fit within the recess of the window, or on the outside of the window. All the shutter fittings come in a selection of finishes and colours to complement or contrast with your Shutter dependant on the appearance and feel you would like to produce. There are 4 different louvre widths to choose from, and you can choose between a regular central louvre tilt rod, a rod offset to the side of the louvres, or a concealed louvre tilt rod.

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